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History of tavern

The old part of Brela, Bekavac-Ivandića houses, started with the building in 1880. year and since then it's constantly developing. In 1938. year in these same houses lived 58 residents, but today it's not inhabited. People have cultivated the vine, olive and cherry breeding. First school in Brela was open near the same houses, which has worked until 1950 year. All the houses were built from emboss and cut stone. All houses are build one next to each other and all have a common courtyard with the wells. Decision of the Regional Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Split, this property is protected as a historical monument..



Tavern nowadays

Brothers Hrvoje and Željan Bekavac in 2004. year started with complete restoration of family heritage. In their part of the house they opened the tavern, and name it "Ivandića Dvori". On the west side of the walls, with the sounds of Dalmatian music, you will enjoy the sunset on the beautiful terrace, while in the colder winter days you can experience a special atmosphere with crackling fire from the fireplace..


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